5 Ghanaian Restaurants You Must Visit in London

We came to you with some of the most popular Nigerian restaurants in London a little while back, and it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t do the same for our Ghanaian friends.

So, let’s get to it.

First up we have Asafo

Nestled away in the cosy streets of Streatham this little jewel is one to put on your bucket list.

Boasting a full menu and interiors that will transform your culinary experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

With reviews like ‘I have been here a few times now and cannot fault the food. The restaurant serves Ghanaian cuisine, and I have been informed by many Ghanaians eating here that it is authentic.’ You shouldn’t need any more convincing!


If you find yourself in the north end of London, then you need to take a little trip to Holloway Road where you’ll find our next treat. Sweet Handz is celebrated for its combination relaxed atmosphere and extensive modern menu. The owners go out of their way to source the freshest ingredients to give their food a boost in flavours.

If you do end up in this restaurant, don’t forget to try their cocktails! They make them super sweet and super strong!



Next up, we want to bring you Hackney’s one and only Accra Palace Ghanaian Restaurant. These guys have nothing but positive reviews, and they have earned the respect they have. Their food is flavourful and truly represents Ghana. Whether it’s a birthday, baby shower or just a bae dinner, this is a place that should pop up in your mind as a suggestion. 


Now we love a venue that transforms itself to suit what their customer needs.

Our next stop is this wonder of a restaurant – The Gold Coast bar

Where you can have a hearty African meal, enjoy their outdoor beer garden or nibble on some exotic snacks while you party to the latest tunes. This restaurant combines all elements of entertainment to make you want to keep coming back.



Kates Café might not be the most obvious place to visit, but we like to celebrate well-established joints as well as those smaller ones. Kate is known in her community for providing great food and pouring her love into serving those who visit her restaurant. With a growing menu and an expanding customer base, we are sure she’ll have customers lining up around the block in no time!


We are sure there are more hidden gems in this glorious city of ours. So why not share them with us so we can visit and celebrate them too. Tell us what you think of the restaurants we’ve mentioned and please recommended any we’ve missed!

We look forward to hearing from you!



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