Afrobeats Djs v Afrobeats Bands

Whether it’s a wedding or a 65th anniversary and your planning to go all out, one thing you need to think about is what kind of entertainment you will be providing for your guests.

A big question people weigh up is whether to have a DJ or have a live band. It’s a good conundrum and one we’ll talk you through so by the end of this little piece, we hope you have a better understanding of the pros and cons of each.

Now, the first thing to consider is the atmosphere and spacing.

A DJ will generally need less space than say a 12 piece band, they will also be able to change up the vibe to match and energise the mood of the crowd.

This isn’t to say a performer or band won’t be able to get the guests going. They may just find it a little harder is the music they have prepared isn’t working for the guests. Where a DJ should be able to mix it up quickly, a band may be limited.


Pricing: It’s probably going to be your most significant element when coming to a deciding factor. Whether you can better afford a DJ or a Live band is one that party planners often toy with. Most people will say that a DJ is cheaper as you are paying for one person and their skills, where with a band, it could cost you a pretty penny.

It all depends on quality. A popular DJ might end up costing you just as much as a live band (depending on who they are and when you would like them to come). So, it’s worth looking into. Just like anything else you can always try and negotiate a price and performance times. It may cost you less to have a live band for a few hours as opposed to them performing all day long.


Why not go for both?
Now, before you roll your eyes hear us out. As we have seen cost wise a DJ or a Live Band could end up costing you the same amount. So why not find a DJ for half your entertainment budget and then a live band for the other half. You then get the best of both worlds. Walk down the aisle while being serenaded by a breath-taking singer and then break it down on the dance floor later to the best hits on the charts.


 Top Tips:

Skills check: Whether you end up going for a DJ or a performer, make sure you check out their work first. Go to a gig they are performing at. Ask for a playlist and see if it matches your style and vibe. Of course, you can tell them what you want to hear at your event, but it’s essential to make sure they are comfortable with your music choice.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions:

When booking make sure you ask all the questions, so you fully understand what they will be able to offer you. Make sure you confirm times, dates, and any requirements they may have. The last thing you need is to be blindsided by extra costs.

We want you to have the best experience so here is a little list of DJs we know and love!

Check them out and let us know what you think.

  1. Dj Yung Milli

– instagram and spotify – @djyungmilli

– email – info@djyungmilli.com

– Very good Afrobeats wedding Dj

  1. Dj Gabe

-email – djgabemusic@gmail.com

-Telephone:+44 07984 100 015

– good Afrobeats wedding Dj

  1. Dj Era

Phone number – +44 7440 521128

Email Deejayerabookings@hotmail.com

twitter – @Deejay_Era

Award winning UK Dj, Top Afrobeats Dj. Weddings, club and birthdays.

  1. Dj Sean

phone no – 07932359933/07482 266002

twitter – @deejay_sean

Top Afrobeats Dj for weddings, club nights, birthdays.

  1. Dj Unbeetable

phone no. -+44 79 85 366 499 / +44 79 47 616 146

twitter – @djunbeetable

Award winning Dj, Top Afrobeats Dj. Weddings, club and birthdays.

  1. Dj Larizzle

phone number – +44 7904 354208

email – info@djlarizzle.com

Afrobeats Dj for weddings, club nights and house parties. Plays

Ugandan tunes as well.

  1. Dj Talent

phone number – +44 7545 976050

Top Underground Dj. Good for weddings, club nights and house

parties. Also Plays Tanzanian and Ugandan Tunes



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