how to start an Events company

No two companies are ever the same, and no two clients are so the beautiful thing about starting up an events company is that there is room for everyone at the table of success.

Your reading this, because you’ve thought that you want to set up a company of some sort and we are here to lend a helping hand.

Here are some steps to help you get your idea off the ground.

1. Concept:

What type of events do you want to run? The world is literally your oyster. From Weddings to parties, baby showers, and corporate events. There is no shortage of humans and so there will never be a shortage of people wanting to celebrate or commemorate.

Understanding what type of events, you want to run or start with, because let’s face it, you may want to branch out is the thing that will allow you to recognise your brand personality and then target audience.

2. Your Brand:

Have a sit-down and think about how you want to be remembered. Are you high-end luxury, or affordable? What type of people do you want your clients to be? Everyone or your targeting i.e Celebrities, pregnant women, partygoers, etc. All these things will help you establish your brand and your brand identity. You want to be remembered and remembered in the right way.

It takes research, time and trial, and error to really establish what your brand will be, don’t be afraid to fail and try again. Often people look back and notice how much they have changed over the years. Naturally, growth coincides with change.

3. Your Team:

This is arguably one of the most important elements of creating your company. Your team is an extension of yourself. You must find people that share your vision and you must all be on the same page. Communication and clarity are key. Trust then comes from hard work and commitment. It is again one thing that will help you grow; you may have some difficult times but the people you work with you may find soon become your family.

4. Logistics:

It’s the nitty-gritty part, but get your name picked out, decide on logos and branding. Get your website and socials sorted so you can start making yourself seen. Show your work and attract new clients. If you are ready to be public then register your company.

We know you’ve got this and we can’t wait to see what you have got up your sleeve.

Watch out for our next couple of blogs where we break down what is needed for all things events.


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