My wedding horror story

Weddings are one of the most precious most stressful times of our lives, and whether you’re a bridezilla or not, things going wrong can send anyone into a fit. But don’t worry we’ve coupled up some of the worst horror stories we could find and thought of ways you could avoid them on your special day.


1)    Dress Disaster:

Nope, not the spilt orange juice you are thinking of or a dress that doesn’t fit on the day. Not even a rip or tear. This wedding disaster was fire. Literally

‘At my friend’s wedding, they were setting off fireworks. Next thing you know the bride is screaming as her gown is set alight because of a firework that went off on the ground. Fun times.’

Well, it goes without saying don’t stand too close to the fireworks and let the professionals to it. However, stop drop, and roll is always a standard deterrent against fires and spreading them.

However, if you are faced with one of the other dress disasters, it’s always a good idea to have a seamstress handy on-site at the wedding. This way should any accidents happen with any dresses or suits there will be an expert to help you tackle it in no time. Seamstresses are also quite good with stains!

2)    Hennything can happen:

One of the most popular things we’ve seen go wrong when it comes to weddings is people getting boozy.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the bride, groom, wedding party or guests. Too much alcohol is bound to cause some sort of scene at the wedding. But of all the horror stories we’ve heard of this guy deserves a medal.

‘My uncle got completely plastered at our open bar and then demanded the attention of the entire dance floor. Everyone stopped and stared as he pulled his trousers all the way down, walked backwards and called it “the Moonwalk.”

We can’t help but giggle a little at this one. There’s no real way to stop your family, friends and guests having too much fun at your wedding, what you can try to do is make sure there are enough hydration points and sober people to keep the intoxicated ones in check.

3)    Forever hold your peace

Rachel and Ross (from friends) taught us a lot about going back and forth between marriage and what you want. But no one really expects the groom or bride to say another person’s name. We see it in movies, but we never expect someone to jump up when the priest says, ‘if anyone has any reason for these two not to get married, please speak now…’ so what happens when it does happen. Matter fact this groom took it a bit further

‘the groom stands up and does a lovely speech which ends: “And finally I’d like to thank the Best Man, who’s been shagging my wife for four months”. The groom put his glass down, walked out, marriage was annulled”.

There isn’t much we can advise when it comes to this one, but, we say you have two options if you are on the receiving end of something like this. 1) exit gracefully, or 2) drink loads and make the most out of the rest of the evening anyway.


4)    Come Rain or Shine

The weather is probably the most significant secondary factor we consider when it comes to planning our big day. It gets even more stressful when you live in England! We all know Lady Britannia does what she wants when she wants to. So, planning an outdoor wedding probably isn’t the most secure options.

‘…we are halfway through dinner when it begins to hail. Hail the size of golf balls fell and dented cars, cracked windshields, and brought everyone on the patio inside.

We were in the middle of cutting the cake when the cops came into the venue and had to evacuate our wedding because there were flash floods. Everyone dashed to their cars and had to go around the opposite side of the entire lake the golf course was on because flash floods had wiped out the roads. We had to pick up multiple people who were broken down on the side of the road because they didn’t put gas in their damn cars and there [were] absolutely no gas stations on that side of the lake…’

Our tip is to try to find a venue with an optional inside space if the outside doesn’t turn out an option on the day. The weather is both uncontrollable and unpredictable, so to avoid messy hair, ruined dresses and most importantly a ruined wedding, think ahead. Plan for the worst and hope for the best!

5)    Anxiety and its woes

Performance anxiety is something we have all experienced. We can completely understand why walking down the aisle can be a trigger. This bride found out just how much:

‘My (now husband) fiancée was reading his vows. All of a sudden, the LIQUID CRAP starts flowing out of me. My wedding dress had a long tail. The crap caught the tail, and when I ran off to get changed 20 minutes later, the tail left a streak of crap all over the ground.’

Indeed, not a position anyone wants to be in ever! A lot of brides take Imodium or even have a nervous poop just before taking centre stage. Trust us better you are five mins late to the alter than end up being known as Mr or Mrs poopy pants.

We are sure there may be some wilder stories out there, and we’d love to hear them. Also, don’t forget to tell us the best part of your big day!


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